June 20, 2022
1(a)Does your country have laws, policies, plans, strategies or guidelines at any level government relating to raising awareness about persons with disabilities in particular initiatives to: foster respect for the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities;combat stereotypes, prejudices and harmful practices, in relating to persons with disabilities;promote awareness of the contributions of persons with...
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The present Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, came into effect in 1999 and Chapter IV deals exclusively with the rights of every citizen of Nigeria which are explained in detail below- RIGHT TO LIFEThe Constitution guarantees the right to life of every Nigerian Citizen except where such a citizen has been sentenced to...
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Every citizen of Nigeria is empowered to acquire and own immovable property anywhere in Nigeria. However, this right to own immovable property like every other right is not absolute but subject to certain qualifications. All land comprised in the territory of each state in Nigeria are vested in the governor of that state and such land...
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