What We Do

We are a virtual law firm that provides legal services to people and corporations.
• We provide legal advisory services across various industries including Intellectual and estate property, corporate and commercial areas.
• We provide simplified legal education and accessible and affordable legal services.
• We help businesses kick off the process of incorporation and legal needs for your business. We will hold your hands all through the process and help you stand on your feet legally.


Our Vision

We aim to be a pioneer law firm in providing accessible, affordable, and top-quality legal services in our core areas to our clients. Our aim is to help our clients manage the present while securing the future.

Our Practices Area



We provide you with the necessary legal documentation for your specific needs. Our legal documents are crafted ensuring that the rights, duties and needs of all parties are expressly enunciated in simple terms for easy understanding.

Estate and Intellectual property management.

We also care about your physical and mental properties, with us you can be sure that our team of experts will ensure that your properties are well managed and protected in line with the provision of the law.

Legal education/ Research

We can provide you with legal opinions on whatever matter or topics that clarity may be required on, we have experience with researching and applying the law in different scenarios and areas. We have the resources required to give you the best service.

Providing legal advice to start-ups

We also provide in-house services to businesses that are just starting out. We will ensure that your activities are in line with the provisions of the law and provide you with legal advice where it may be needed.

Registering and incorporating companies /business names at the CAC

Different business requires different responsibilities, if you are unsure about the legal implications that may be required for your business, book a consultation with us and we will not just simplify the process for you by advising you accordingly, but we will also carry out the necessary legal step on your behalf

Reading and simplifying contractual legal documents

If you are about to legally bound yourself to obligations, it is important that a lawyer goes through the terms of the contract and fine prints included that may not be easily readable or understandable to a non-legal person. We will go through your contractual documents and advise you accordingly.
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Why you should work with us

Njunkim Legal is best known for excellent offerings in Legal practice with tremendous success in Litigation, Legal Representation and Documentation. With a success rate of 90%, you can be rest assured you are at the right place for best legal practice.
Practice Area80%
Happy Customer100%
Success Case90%
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